VIST naturally decontaminates & preserves cannabis in modified atmosphere packaging

Purify & Protect From Harvest to Consumer



Shelf Life

Protect Profits
& Consumers

Bacterial degradation of cannabis exponentially lessens quality

Consumer Health Concern: Microbial contaminants like yeast, mold, bacteria, and other microbes are present on cannabis and are harmful to consumers.

"Smoking cannabis is safe, inhaling mold is not"

For cultivators, this means…

  • Loss in Profits
  • Quality Degradation
  • Limited Shelf Life
  • Failing State Regulations
  • Inventory Control Issues
  • Inaccurate Product Labeling
  • Legal Ramifications

Before VIST

After VIST

Would you inhale that?

Neither would we.

More importantly neither would consumers, nor should they. Cannabis is experiencing rapid market growth, yet the cannabis industry is still in its infancy. Similarities exist between the current state of the cannabis industry and the food industry of the early 20th century, when food safety was just being recognized as a significant societal need.

Based on market research, we have found that over 70% of cannabis flower purchased at retail level has mold and bacteria counts higher than what state limits allow. In addition, cannabinoid and terpene levels have been depleted over the shelf life of the product, resulting in inaccurate product labeling and poor consumer experiences.

Inhale this, get that

Our Solution

Naturally decontaminate cannabis to safe levels and package in a low oxygen atmosphere so that it does not continue to grow yeast, mold and bacteria.



VIST technology naturally decontaminates (purifies) cannabis by removing yeast, mold, and bacteria to pasteurization levels.


Low oxygen barrier packaging protects quality and freshness of cannabis and reduces risk of environmental contamination

AMAPS™ Packaging

Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform

We Go to YOU! VIST's technicians bring our portable equipment into your licensed facility to conduct all services on-site.

Indicative Screening

Quality control process screens and identifies the microbial contamination levels of cannabis.

Indicative Screening

Purify & Protect From Harvest to Consumer

Cannabis is ready for change.

Managing extensive mold and bacteria contamination that causes quality regulatory and health concerns is a major challenge throughout the cannabis industry. In addition, dealing with the depletion of cannabinoid and terpene levels over the shelf life of product is resulting in inaccurate product labeling and consumer disappointment. VIST™ has arrived with solutions

Deliver genuine purity.

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