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What is VIST™?

A suite of proprietary high-spec pharma-grade technologies

Our proprietary integrated system elevates cannabis to it's purest form, and delivers the most delightful and healthy experience for all cannabis consumers while protecting profits for grows and processors.

VIST™ Process

Our processes can be utilized individually or as a full-stack solution

Mobile Platform

Mobile Platform

VIST™ has developed a proprietary mobile approach to assure high quality cannabis for consumers and profitability with risk reduction for cultivators, processors and dispensaries.

Indicative Screening

As part of a quality control process, we’ve developed advanced screening technology that can rapidly identify the level of yeast, mold and aerobic bacteria that may exist on valuable flower or shake.

Indicative Screening



VIST™ introduces the revolutionary new CryoPasteurization™ technology to naturally decontaminate cannabis flower and shake. Developed from years of experience in food and pharma.

AMAPS™ Packaging

The VIST™ Aseptic Modified Atmosphere Packaging System delivers pharma grade, ultra high spec, low oxygen and controlled moisture environments to protect your valuable cannabis throughout extended shelf life.

AMAPS™ Packaging


3 simple ways to work with us

A La Carte

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A one-two punch of screening, packaging and targeted purification

Purity Program

Our full suite of services, and the best damn decision you’ll ever make.

Cannabis is ready for change.

Managing extensive mold and bacteria contamination that causes quality regulatory and health concerns is a major challenge throughout the cannabis industry. In addition, dealing with the depletion of cannabinoid and terpene levels over the shelf life of product is resulting in inaccurate product labeling and consumer disappointment. VIST™ has arrived with solutions

Deliver genuine purity.

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