The VIST Process

The Benefits

VIST's proprietary technologies enhance every step of the cannabis journey from grow to consumer.

Nearly 12% of the US population uses cannabis as it becomes legalized in more states. As the consumer base grows the expectations for safety and quality increase dramatically.

Cannabis is a crop and like any crop is susceptible to mold, yeast and bacteria contamination – which can be detrimental to health and a myriad of long term health complications.

Inventory management is a critical aspect of running any business and cannabis is no exception. By utilizing the VIST process, cannabis producers can manage their inventory by not having to dispose of product due to contaminates or sell product at less than optimum market conditions.

Put simply- you can sell more of what you grow, and therefore better forecast needed inventory based on demand and order volume. These advantages help business owners maintain a healthy margin by not being forced to sell at low prices or disposing of product because of shrink.

With Aseptic Modified Atmosphere packaging system (AMAPS) you can extend the shelf life of your product and protect terpenes and cannabinoids.

Our proprietary AMAPS equipment automatically weighs and loads 1 to 7 pounds of flower into barrier bags while using laminar flow, vacuumless technology to create the optimum environment to protect your product, slow mold and bacterial growth while retaining moisture at appropriate levels. All of this done in a class 100 clean room environment inside the packaging machine.

Cannabis that is free of contaminants such as mold, yeast, and bacteria deliver a more enjoyable medicinal and recreational experience for consumers. VIST’s proprietary processes restore flower and shake to a state of purity that elicit a noticeable and enjoyable difference.

VIST Technology

Utilize our technologies individually, or together.

Mobile Platform

Our mobile system comes to your facility and delivers all VIST services and processes within your licensed location.

Indicative Screening

Our quality control methods detect mold, yeast and bacteria and help identify problematic trends.


Our purification process decontaminates product for safety, quality, and uniformity.

AMAPS™ Packaging

A highly effective process to preserve and extend the shelf life in a safe and reliable manner.

VIST Services

Scalable services designed for every size operation

A La Carte

Only what you need, when you need it.


A one-two punch of screening and targeted sterilization.

Purity Program

Our full suite of services, and the best damn decision you’ll ever make.

Discover purity.

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