Indicative Screening

Confidence: Know Your Quantitative Numbers

VIST’s Indicative Screening kits are a quality control process to quantify the microbial contamination levels caused by yeast, mold, and bacteria on cannabis flower.  

What Does VIST Screen For?

Know Your Numbers

Learn whether or not you are going to pass state testing by using VIST Indicative Screening Kits. Join the waitlist to order now.  Kits will be delivered to your facility, where you can screen your own cannabis products, or check your facility (airborne and swab) to see if you have any contaminated hotspots. 

Fast and Reliable

Completed in 48 hours, the screening process determines the amount of microbial colonies that are present on your cannabis flower. 

Expert Technicians

Our VIST technicians are highly trained to gather samples in a manner that does not remove any physical flower from your licensed facilities. Our samples are then incubated, and data is tabulated to understand plate count levels (Colony Forming Units) Pre and Post VIST technology.

Data Driven Results

Based on the number of colonies found, cultivators can better understand the level of contamination in their cannabis crops and make important processing decisions informed by solid data. Many states require levels under the 10,000 CFU/g threshold. The industry average results are 120,000 CFU/g, which is way above the allowable threshold. VIST’s microbial decontamination solution, CryoPasteurization,  targets a CFU/g count way below the 10,000 CFU/g threshold.