AMAPS™ Packaging

Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Preservation with AMAPS™

VIST’s Aseptic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems (AMAPS™) delivers pharmaceutical grade packaging using a low oxygen Class-100 Clean Room atmosphere. The technology creates an ultra-low oxygen environment to protect cannabis, prevent mold and bacterial growth, retain moisture at appropriate levels, all while minimizing terpene and cannabinoid degradation and extending shelf life. 

The high barrier packaging combined with an aseptic modified atmosphere preserves the quality of the cannabis for an extended time. In this manner, growers and processors can sell product at optimal market conditions while ensuring safety and an enhanced consumer experience. 

Clean Cannabis to Consumers with VIST Zero

The VIST ZERO System equates to ZERO Oxygen in our packaging, promoting ZERO microbial growth, ZERO quality degradation, ZERO chemicals or irradiation, and ZERO risk to consumer health. 

VIST ZERO means Clean Cannabis to Consumers 

Palletize and Commercialize with AMAPS™ 

The VIST System commercializes the cannabis industry with palletized 1, 5, or 7lb high barrier bags and boxes. The palletization of cannabis will make it better for YOU. 

  • Less Bud Breakage
  • Efficient Inventory Control
  • Easier Storage and Shipping
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Ease of Transport

Better for Everybody – Cultivators, Processors, Retailers, Regulators and Consumers

Innovative Foundation

The VIST AMAPS™ technology is the culmination of 35+ years of developments within the pharmaceutical and food industries. The founders of VIST are pioneers in extended shelf-life packaging of perishable goods and combined hold over 220 patents in the field. Infant formula, injectable drugs and many perishable food items through the world are packaged in modified atmosphere technologies developed by the VIST founders.