AMAPS™ Packaging

Pharma Grade

The VIST AMAPS™ System delivers pharma grade, ultra high spec, low oxygen and controlled moisture environments to protect your valuable cannabis throughout extended shelf life.

Transportable & advanced

VIST developed unique equipment that is wheeled into your facilities. This AMAPS™ equipment automatically weighs and loads 1 to 7 pounds of flower into barrier bags while using proprietary laminar flow, vacuumless technology to create the optimum environment to protect your product, slow mold and bacterial growth, retain moisture at appropriate levels while minimizing cannabinoid and terpene degradation. All of this is done in a class 100 clean room environment inside the packaging machine.

Innovation from the best

The VIST AMAPS™ technology is the culmination of many years of developments within the pharmaceutical and food industries. The founders of VIST are pioneers in extended shelf-life packaging of perishable goods and combined hold over 220 patents in the field. Infant formula, injectable drugs and many perishable food items through the world are packaged in modified atmosphere technologies developed by the VIST founders.


The VIST AMAPS™ equipment is proprietary and has various patents pending. By using the AMAPS™ system you can better manage your inventories without the fear of shrink, long term safety concerns or discounting due to unattractive market conditions.