Leadership Team

Leading the Charge

When packaging industry disruptors and cannabis innovators unite


CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

30+ years in the packaging industry. Holds over 100 US and Foreign Patents covering innovations in modified atmosphere packaging, automation and extended shelf life processing technologies for perishables. Long history of success in packaging of food and pharmaceuticals. Experienced in managing private and public companies. Entrepreneur, inventor and visionary.

Christian Hageseth

Entrepreneur, cannabis market early innovator, author of “Big Weed”, owned growing, processing and dispensary operations. Won cannabis cups for exceptional product. Passionate advocate for the cannabis industry.

Roman Forowycz

30+ years in food and pharma packaging industry. Started career in family business that commercialized the use of modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging technologies. Launched many new packaging platforms with leading North American retailers. Promoter of cannabis health benefits.


30+ years in the packaging industry. Engineering leader, innovator with over 75 US and Foreign Patents. Creative, out of the box thinker with a history of developing game changing technologies for infant formula, injectable pharmaceuticals, a variety of perishable foods and cannabis.


25+ years of branding and marketing of premium consumer goods. Entrepreneur with a track record of success in licensing and celebrity endorsements. Family businesses included telecommunications in Canada.

Franchise Opportunities

VIST is pleased to announce the formation of VIST Franchise Systems LLC. VIST is offering franchise opportunities to those interested in owning their own business and playing a key role in bringing clean cannabis to consumers.

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